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We carry out Research and Development activities using space and satellite technologies in order to make them available and approachable to end-users with value-added services in the areas of Disaster Management, Environmental protection, Land Use and Urban Planning, Agricultural Monitoring.

Our work is being expanded to complementary fields on observation and ICT sciences, such as:

• GIS modeling

• Intelligent Internet architectures (Future Internet, Internet of Things, Clouds)

• Mobile computing

• Machine-to-Machine communication

Additionally, we pay attention on the interconnection necessities of our case studies, exploring innovative integrated communication solutions (SATCOM, ad-hoc networks, mobile platforms, M2M communication, etc), in order to deliver maximum service efficiency.

Aratos.Net provides smart mobile applications for satellite data processing, healthcare and assisted living solutions, public safety solutions, mobility and location-based value-added services using different innovative technologies. The use of NFC, RFID, Beacons and our broad experience in integrated systems’ design and database management systems make Aratos.Net leading in the relevant market. Solutions

Aratos's most representative products and services are:

greenGreenSSLMTM, an innovative environmental platform, designed to monitor, assess and manage natural landscapes across a variety of interacting factors. GreenSSLMTM, constitutes a continuously monitoring interface able to process and evaluate complex environmental factors which characterize the holistic status of the area. Such factors are associated with indicators describing the health or crisis levels in land, air and water areas of a wider landscape and can therefore inform us on the potential hazards (natural or human-caused) the region may suffers from. On the way all these factors interact and affect the ecosystem studied, as well as the populations residing within, and finally indicate proper methods for land use optimization.

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Aratos Disaster Control

Aratos Disaster ControlTM, an integrated system created to be used in Crisis Management Situations as an ideal tool for planning preventing actions, disaster monitoring and evaluation after crisis. Aratos Disaster Control is in fact an interactive web application, focusing on the protection of human life and property. The main users are Civil Protection Services, Fire Brigades, Local Authorities and Governments. Aspects covered by its services are: fires, earthquakes, air pollution, floods, extreme weather phenomena, shoreline damages, vegetation management, and water management.


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"Bringing Open Satellite Earth Observation (EO) data to industries", a new product from Aratos Group in collaboration with SAP

Aratos continues to innovate and strive for greatness. With that in mind, we have established a partnership with SAP and we have started to discover the capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform.

Our plan is to reestablish "Aratos EO data APIs and family of solutions", a product of Aratos.Net, in cooperation with SAP. It consists of easily handled APIs of EO data for forecasting and monitoring in several sectors of industry. The APIs use the SAP HANA technological capabilities in order to provide the opportunity to SAP users to utilize value-added information originating from Open Satellite Earth Observation (EO) data according to their needs, in a user-friendly, effective and easily expandable way. Right now it consists of 15 APIs, and more will be added later.


SAP is the world leader in enterprise applications in terms of software and software-related service revenue. Based on market capitalization, SAP is the world’s third largest independent software manufacturer. SAP has 46 years of history and innovation, more than 17,000 SAP partner companies globally, more than 388,000 customers in more than 180 countries, and €23.76bn total revenue (IFRS) in 2017.

SAP API Business Hub

SAP API Business Hub is the central catalog of all SAP and partner APIs for developers to build sample apps, extensions and open integrations with SAP. It allows its users to discover and consume digital content packages with APIs, pre-packaged integrations, and sample apps from SAP and select partners.

Aratos.Net is now validated in the SAP Startup Focus Program solution “Aratos EO data APIs and family of solutions” is now validated from SAP under the SFP initiative and will be offered to SAP users via the SAP API Business Hub.

Latest News

Read our latest news below:

Update Android mobile applications for Vegetation, Temperatures and Lightnings
In Aratos we continue to optimize our applications in order to provide a better customer experience and make sure we stay on the cutting edge of technology.
With that goal in mind, our applications for Vegetation, Temperatures and Lightning monitoring have been updated to perform even better than before. You can download them using the following links:

  • Click here to download Vegetation.
  • Click here to download Temperatures.
  • Click here to download Lightnings.





The website of the IMPRESSIVE Project now online

The website of IMPRESSIVE Project has been launched and is accessible via
The website clearly explains the ideas behind the IMPRESSIVE platform, demonstrates the objectives of the Project, and shows how components and interfaces can contribute to the overall goal.






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